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TM Forum Keynote: Where does Cable go Next?

Where does Cable go Next?

Management World Americas keynote perspectives will look at new business models from different perspectives and discuss innovative ways of making money. Communication, MVNO and 2-sided business models will be discussed in order to understand the extended value chain and who will be a friend or foe. The session will then examine the delivery of new services as a way moving from surviving to thriving. The focus will be on new ways of saving money and generating revenue with the spotlight on implementation and operational excellence, the influence of the macro environment and new digital media.

Mobile Youth in China

Mobile Youth in China

There are 260 million mobile owning youth in China. mobileYouth looks at the implications of brand building in the People’s Republic and the opportunities for foreign companies to establish themselves here.

4G Now – Sprint Version

4G - Sprint version

This video shows the power and speed of 4G through real world examples.

The Green Telecoms Network

Power consumption is a critical component of the network infrastructure of mobile operators. However, between 2 to 3 billion people – roughly one-third of the world’s population – are living in energy poverty, and more than 99 percent of people without electricity live in developing regions. But saving energy is not the sole preserve of developing nations. In developed countries, the rising cost of energy, and the realisation of the environmental implications, means that operators are looking to save money wherever possible.

Telco2.0: How to make money in an IP based world

Given that Telecom & Mobile are among the worst performing sectors in any stock market, the future looks to be quite a challenge for the world’s Telcos. Brave, speedy expansion into new services and more drastic approaches were all discussed at this industry brainstorm, with the young internet companies making an appearance to teach the incumbents a thing or two about the consumers. TelecomTV caught up with the speakers and facilitators attempting to foresee Telcos’ futures.

The Impact of Web 2.0 on Telcos

The availability of web 2.0 applications presents telcos with an opportunity to adapt their business models as they continue their pursuit of data revenues.

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Telecom Trends

NASDAQ4382.85  chart-36.63
S&P 5001927.11  chart-14.17
CHL58.16  chart-0.63
T34.50  chart-0.12
TEF14.21  chart-0.13
VOD30.99  chart-0.28
VZ48.31  chart-0.38
AMX23.74  chart-0.30
FTE0.00  chart+0.00
DCM16.07  chart+0.23
DT0.00  chart+0.00
NTT29.82  chart+0.36
CHA61.15  chart+0.15
CHU14.44  chart-0.28
TI10.09  chart-0.11
CHT30.11  chart+0.07
RCI38.63  chart-0.56
TLK47.72  chart-0.06

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