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iPhone + Android + Windows Mobile = Beautiful Music

Mobile Music Apps

This one is just too nerdy to avoid it!

Take one iPhone, one Android handset, and one Windows Mobile handset. Strap’em to a piece of wood, run a bunch of cable to a speaker. Code up a custom instrument jamming interface for each platform. What do you get?

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Three Phones, Three Platforms, Three Apps

Three Phones, Three Platforms, Three Apps

Mobile apps are the latest craze, so Leila Makki heads over to San Francisco’s Orange Labs to review three apps on three different operating systems: Clip2Mobile on iPhone, GeoMob on Android, & Last Inch on Windows Mobile.

Stanford’s Mobile Phone Orchestra and iPhone Ocarina

Stanford's Mobile Phone Orchestra and iPhone Ocarina

Stanford assistant professor and entrepreneur, Ge Wang makes music with a mobile phone orchestra and iPhone ocarina.

Skype for iPhone demonstration

Skype for iPhone demonstration

Skype has launched their iPhone application on the eve of the CTIA Wireless 2009 convention in Las Vegas. Skype’s Tony Saigh was on hand at ShowStoppers to demonstrate Skype’s new iPhone app.


Telecom Trends

NASDAQ4382.85  chart-36.63
S&P 5001927.11  chart-14.17
CHL58.16  chart-0.63
T34.50  chart-0.12
TEF14.21  chart-0.13
VOD30.99  chart-0.28
VZ48.31  chart-0.38
AMX23.74  chart-0.30
FTE0.00  chart+0.00
DCM16.07  chart+0.23
DT0.00  chart+0.00
NTT29.82  chart+0.36
CHA61.15  chart+0.15
CHU14.44  chart-0.28
TI10.09  chart-0.11
CHT30.11  chart+0.07
RCI38.63  chart-0.56
TLK47.72  chart-0.06

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