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Raman Amplification in Fiber Optical Communication Systems

Raman Amplification in Fiber Optical Communication Systems
Clifford Headley (Editor), Govind Agrawal (Editor)
ISBN: 0120445069
May 2003

"…very comprehensive and covers the entire topic of Raman amplification as applied to communication systems. As befitting a book of this length, the treatment is exhaustive and provides a range of information, from historical perspective, to current implementations, to some forecasts of important technologies for the future. Raman Amplification in Fiber Optical Communication Systems is an excellent book to fully understand how this cutting-edge technology works…In brief, I highly recommend reading this book." – Bertrand Desthieux, Editor-in-Chief of Optical Fiber Technology.

Optical fiber telecommunications depend upon light traveling great distances through optical fibers. As light travels it tends to disperse and this results in some degree of signal loss. Raman amplification is a technique that is effective in any fiber to amplify the signal light as it travels through transmission fibers, compensating for inevitable signal loss.

* First comprehensive guide to Raman amplification, a technique whose use has exploded since 1997 in order to upgrade fiber capacity;
* Accessible to professionals just entering the field of optical fiber telecommunications;
* Detailed enough for experts to use as a reference.



Optical Communication Theory and Techniques

Optical Communication Theory and Techniques
Forestieri, Enrico (Editor)
ISBN: 0387231323
October 2003

This book is a collection of papers dealing with the theoretical aspects of optical communications. It is divided into four parts: Information and Communication Theory for Optical Communications; Coding Theory and Techniques; Characterizing, Measuring, and Calculating Performance in Optical Fiber Communication Systems; and Modulation Formats and Detection. Each paper is self-contained, and will give the reader a clear picture of the treated topic, an overview of the theoretical aspects, and an idea of the most recent advances.


Telecom Trends

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