Telecommunication Training Videos

What is Telecommunications?

Lecture 2 begins our journey in telecommunications. We cover some basic definitions of telecommunications and telephony. The concept of convergence is discussed and how that impacts the industry as a whole. The lecture explains how a universal communications device is evolving. Finally, the goal of telecommunications is conceptualized by the terminology: Balanced Tele-computing which is properly matching technology to peoples’ work functions.


Telecom Trends

NASDAQ4578.21  chart+16.02
S&P 5002006.87  chart+5.30
CHL61.42  chart+0.00
T35.02  chart+0.00
TEF15.56  chart+0.00
VOD32.71  chart-0.14
VZ49.21  chart+0.00
AMX26.36  chart+0.00
FTE0.00  chart+0.00
DCM17.66  chart+0.00
DT0.00  chart+0.00
NTT32.53  chart+0.00
CHA61.38  chart+0.00
CHU16.76  chart+0.00
TI11.79  chart+0.00
CHT30.27  chart+0.00
RCI40.25  chart+0.00
TLK47.62  chart+0.00

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